District Turnaround Leadership Initiative (DTLI)

Priority Alignment
Great Teachers and Leaders
Innovations in Learning
School Turnaround
TXCC will provide technical assistance to support the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) development and implementation of the District Turnaround Leadership Initiative (DTLI) in collaboration with TEA’s contractor, the University of Virginia School Turnaround Program (UVA-STP). DTLI will result in a comprehensive turnaround program for Texas that builds district capacity to support school improvement by strengthening four essential systemic levers: leadership, instructional infrastructure, support and accountability, and talent management. At the close of Year 3, San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) and Uvalde Independent School District (UISD) completed the pre-launch planning and preparation necessary for full implementation in the 2015-16 school year. Although UISD opted not to continue in 2016-17, SAISD opted to expand implementation, thereby allowing TEA additional time to learn from district experience with this model. TXCC staff will facilitate a meeting with the TEA Core Team and UVA-STP project staff in late September to identify lessons learned from the UVA model that could be applied more broadly in the state. This project is anticipated to continue through Spring 2017.
Progress to Date
  • TXCC will assist and collaborate with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and University of Virginia School Turnaround Program (UVA-STP) staff to develop a guide of tools and best practices for school turnaround to share with other similar struggling districts throughout the state and to scale up the turnaround work that focuses on using a system process to work with the district and not just with individual schools. Moving forward, San Antonio Independent School District will be the only district participating in this initiative.
  • TXCC staff collaborated with Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff and the University of Virginia School Turnaround Program (UVA-STP) to coordinate participation of Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) and San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) in the UVA Cohort 12 Year 2 Summer Session in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sessions will be interactive and designed to engage all participants. To prepare for the sessions, all participants were provided readings and pre-work questions. In addition, planning time will be provided to the districts to develop their 90-day plans. Although UCISD will no longer participate in this project, which is a joint decision by TEA and UVA, some UCISD staff will attend the summer training.