Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Council

Priority Alignment
Innovations in Learning

Legislation passed during the 2013 regular Texas legislative session required the commissioner of education to establish a statewide council to study and make recommendations concerning expanded learning opportunities (ELO) for public school students. The ELO Council is statutorily required to meet three times per year and to submit a biennial statewide action plan to the governor and legislature with recommendations for improving expanded learning opportunities for public school students in Texas. TXCC will assist the Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff with coordination of the council’s work to inform policymakers and stakeholders about high-quality development and implementation of expanded learning opportunities for public school children, applying knowledge of research and best practices in this area.


Progress to Date
  • In July, TXCC supported the Texas Education Agency (TEA) at the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program (CCLC) Summer Institute in Phoenix. TXCC attended sessions, debriefed learning with TEA staff, and attended planning meetings with TEA and contractors. TXCC staff continued to provide support for the ELO Council meeting on August 2. Support activities included (1) interviewing and orienting new council members, (2) securing an outside facilitator for the meeting and co-planning consensus-building activities , (3) hosting two ELO staff planning meetings (one via conference call and one in-person meeting), and (4) planning for the meeting supports. 
  • In June, the TXCC conducted two workgroup staff planning meetings. Staff from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), American Institutes for Research (AIR), RMC, Texas Partnership for Out of School Time (TXPOST), and Westat met to discuss workgroup progress, council member recommendations, timelines, and plans for the August 2 Expanded Learning Opportunities Council meeting. In addition, TXCC staff conducted interviews with two council members and facilitated a meeting for the Scope, Access, and Policy workgroup.