Prekindergarten and Early Childhood Support

Priority Alignment
Early Learning
In 2015, the Texas legislature passed HB 4, which established additional state support for high-quality prekindergarten (PreK) programs including authorization for a grant program and the expansion of early childhood education reporting requirements for Texas public schools. As part of this initiative, TXCC is supporting the Texas Education Agency (TEA) with specific projects to meet HB 4 requirements and provide documentation of implementation progress to the Texas legislature and monitoring agencies as well as to increase overall effectiveness of delivery of prekindergarten services to children in public and charter school PreK programs.
Progress to Date
  • As part of the House Bill 4 High Quality Prekindergarten (PreK) Grant, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Early Childhood Division was tasked with revising the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. The revisions streamlined learning expectations for PreK students and aligned student outcomes with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for kindergarteners.
  • The TXCC early childhood team collaborated with staff from TEA to develop a PowerPoint presentation on the Revised Texas PreK Guidelines for the Texas Early Childhood Summit in Dallas in July. The audience for the presentation included public school PreK teachers, school administrators, and child care staff. The TXCC early childhood team also met with the TEA Early Childhood Director and the TEA Statewide Early Childhood Coordinator to plan Year 5 technical assistance and support activities.