Texas Strategic Alignment Team (TSAT)

Priority Alignment
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TXCC will provide technical assistance to support the evolution of the Texas Strategic Alignment Team (TSAT), which is committed to understanding and addressing the tangled web of systemic factors that impact the state’s schools. The initiative will result in a co-constructed portfolio of tools, processes, and human capital that are aligned to support systemic data visualization, analytics, and collective action. TXCC will leverage the knowledge and skills across multiple AIR portfolios in addition to a diverse array of external partners in order to ensure that TSAT priorities are executed with quality and that lessons learned are disseminated broadly.

Sub projects of this project include:

Progress to Date
  • The TSAT Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and TXCC attended the 2016 Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Users Conference in San Diego, California, in order to connect with other GIS practitioners from around the globe and learn about the latest offerings in GIS analytics. Concurrently, the TXCC project team continued planning and recruiting for the TSAT-based Systems Leadership Academy (SLA) to be held in Chicago, Illinois, in late October 2016. In the SLA, TSAT members will collaborate with partners from five other states who are also engaged in spatial analysis and systems alignment work.
  • The technical teams from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the TXCC attended the Esri Users’ Conference in San Diego, California to develop a professional development sequence for 2016-17. Additionally, TXCC brainstormed the functionality it would like to recommend for the TEA Geo Hub the TSAT is designing with our external consultant, Blue Raster.