Instructional Leadership Development

The Need

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is investing some of its Title II, Part A funds to develop a statewide model of instructional leadership that addresses two of its strategic priorities: #1 – Recruit, Support, and Retain Teachers and Principals and #4 – Improve Low-Performing Schools. This model is being implemented in five geographic hubs in partnership with external contractors (New Leaders, Raise Up Texas, Relay Graduate School of Education, Teaching Trust, and TNTP). Education service centers (ESCs) are participating in professional development at three of the hubs with the goal of eventually developing a statewide model of instructional leadership that can be deployed regionally. The five separate contractors for this project have differing approaches to instructional leadership design and implementation, and TEA staff want to evaluate these approaches to determine the most promising components to be incorporated into a statewide model.

TXCC Response

TXCC will support TEA in gathering the most effective and useful approaches to instructional leadership by convening stakeholders and investigating the efficacy of approaches being used across all five contractors, identifying key components and variables, and providing consulting services to help the agency plan and develop a new state model of instructional leadership for ESC implementation.