Local Accountability Systems (LAS) Support

The Need

Local Accountability Systems (LAS) are being piloted in the context of the state’s new A-F accountability system, which took effect for districts with this school year and will apply to campuses in 2019-20. LAS provides eligible districts the opportunity to include locally defined measures along with the three required domains in the new state accountability system, thereby enabling districts a voice in determining accountability measures. As a result, many complex technical and policy issues must be determined in preparation for statewide implementation of LAS next year. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recognized the need for assistance and partnered with TXCC to guide the development, implementation, and sustainability of a systemic approach to LAS.

TXCC Response

TXCC will support TEA with expertise and thought partnering on best practices in local accountability system development to address issues related to the selection of accountability system domains, components, and metrics for monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the systems. TXCC will also assist TEA in drafting a document on the local accountability systems process and facilitating trainings for education service centers that will be supporting pilot districts in their implementation of the systems.