Rural School Support

The Need

Texas rural districts are challenged to attract and retain educators in communities that might be perceived as less desirable places to live for teachers newly entering the profession. The Texas Rural Schools Task Force recommendations indicate that there is an interest in GYO teacher programs as a solution to rural teacher recruitment and retention challenges. Given that 60 percent of teachers work within 20 miles of where they attended school, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) would like to explore the potential for GYO programs to address the rural teacher talent problem.

TXCC Response

Building on prior TXCC work with The Texas Rural Schools Task Force, TXCC and TEA will focus on teacher recruitment and retention, specifically by examining “grow your own” (GYO) models that Texas rural districts could implement with support from TEA, education service centers (ESCs), and/or other organizations and providers. TXCC will assist TEA to conduct a review of existing models, programs, and literature to identify factors that can increase the success of GYO initiatives and help districts select or develop GYO programs. TXCC and TEA will co-develop a GYO teacher grant and a professional learning opportunity for Texas stakeholders and GYO grantees.