Supports for the Effective Schools Framework

(Previous project name: District Excellence Toolkit)

The Need

Across Texas, districts want to increase academic achievement in their schools but do not have clear direction about the best means of gaining high levels of performance. However, some districts with high proportions of Title I schools are achieving success. In an effort to provide guidance to struggling schools and districts in addressing their school improvement needs, this project will use the findings of the District Excellence study and Reward Schools study to highlight examples of Texas schools experiencing success that are aligned with the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) new Effective Schools Framework (ESF).

TXCC Response

TXCC will collaborate with TEA staff to develop school improvement resources aligned with the new ESF, which is designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to district improvement across the state. TXCC will prepare resources for TEA through a process of crosswalking previous frameworks with the new ESF for coherence and thoroughness as well as identifying additional qualitative data to supplement the previous case study exemplars to ensure that data are available to support the new ESF.