District Excellence Toolkit

Continued Year 7 as Supports for the Effective Schools Framework

The Need

Title I schools often face particular challenges that affect academic performance, including high rates of student mobility and large proportions of English language learners. Despite these difficulties, 6 percent of Title I public schools in Texas have exceeded state standards and earned distinction as “Reward Schools.” The challenge facing the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is to determine how to leverage the practices at Reward Schools such that a greater proportion of Title I schools can exceed state standards.

TXCC Response

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping that informed the Reward Schools case study also helped the Texas Education Agency (TEA) identify districts with a high proportion of these high-performing, high-progress campuses across the state. The Rio Grande Valley District (RGV) Case Study, which is nearing completion, looked at four such districts in Region 1 Education Service Center (ESC) and identified 12 district practices that appear to account for their rate of success. Utilizing extensive data collected in the case studies of Reward Schools and Rio Grande Valley districts, TXCC staff will work with TEA staff to identify needs facing schools and districts around the state and to develop a District Excellence Toolkit with tools and resources that can address those needs.