Next Generation Assessments and Accountability Commission

The Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability was established by the Texas Legislature following the passage of HB 2804 during the 84th regular session in 2015. The commission is charged with developing recommendations to address:

  • The purpose of a state accountability system and the role of student assessment;
  • Opportunities to assess students in a manner that provides actionable information for parents, educators, and the public; that supports learning activities; that recognizes application of skills and knowledge; that measures student growth toward mastery; and values critical thinking;
  • Alignment of state performance standards with college and career readiness standards in collaboration with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; 
  • Policy changes necessary to enable a student to progress through subject matter and grade levels on demonstration of mastery; and
  • Policy changes to establish a student assessment and public school accountability system that meets state goals, is community based, promotes parent and community involvement, and reflects the unique needs of each community.

TXCC will work with TEA to support this project by collaboratively developing information on the range of state models of assessment and accountability systems, facilitating presentations to commission members by experts on key topics related to its work.