Prekindergarten and Early Childhood Support

The Need

In 2015, the Texas legislature passed HB 4, which established additional state support for high-quality prekindergarten (PreK) programs, including authorization for a grant program and the expansion of early childhood education reporting requirements for Texas public schools. With only one PreK specialist for the entire state at the time, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) turned to TXCC for technical assistance and content expertise on specific requirements, including documentation of how school districts and charter schools are utilizing the High-Quality PreK Grant funds, defining kindergarten readiness, identifying PreK student progress monitoring instruments, and defining family engagement activities for all school districts receiving the High-Quality PreK Grant funding.

TXCC Response

TXCC assisted TEA to meet HB 4 requirements and document implementation progress to the Texas legislature and monitoring agencies as well as to increase effective delivery of prekindergarten services to children in public and charter school PreK programs. TXCC helped TEA with these deliverables and built additional capacity by supporting agency outreach and work with stakeholders.