State Board of Education Long-Range Plan

The Need

The Texas public education system is subject to a variety of plans, including the Texas Education Agency's five-year strategic plan, the state technology plan, the ESSA plan, and 60x30TX, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s state plan. Without support and guidance, the State Board of Education Long-Range Plan (SBOE LRP) could potentially run counter to the others, resulting in confusion and complications in the goal of aligned supports for stronger outcomes for students.

TXCC Response

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has prioritized creation of the State Board of Education Long-Range Plan (SBOE LRP) for Primary and Secondary Education in Public Schools. The scope of this project includes not only project management but also the gathering and synthesizing of stakeholder input via research, surveys, and public meetings; facilitation of community and steering committee meetings; organization and analysis of information shared and gathered throughout the process; and production of the SBOE LRP. TXCC is partnering with TEA in order to increase the agency’s capacity in the areas of research, data analysis, data synthesis and presentation, meeting facilitation, and document production. Both agency staff and members of the SBOE will work alongside the TXCC in each of these areas. The final product of this work will be a plan for Texas public education that leverages existing state-level plans to create a compelling vision for system improvement.