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The Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC) at American Institutes for Research (AIR) is part of a national network of 15 regional comprehensive centers and 7 content centers. The regional centers provide a wide variety of services to individual state education agencies while the content centers focus on specific areas of expertise. TXCC acts as a thought partner with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and other organizations to leverage specialized experience and expertise in educator effectiveness, school turnaround, and systemic reform to help improve outcomes for Texas students and school districts. TXCC also facilitates meetings and processes for TEA to solicit stakeholder input and to produce reports and deliverables, including the 2015 Texas Equity Plan, the Mentoring Advisory Committee Report, and the state’s ESEA waiver.

Founded in 1946, AIR is one of the largest not-for-profit behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations in the world. With 1,800 global employees, AIR has a strong foundation in education research and the application of those findings in the field.

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Photo of TXCC Expert, Robert M. Stonehill

Robert M. Stonehill
Managing Director

Robert M. Stonehill is a managing director at AIR. Dr. Stonehill is responsible for development and oversight of a range of projects to support effective implementation and outcomes of education policies, programs, and initiatives at the national, state, and local levels. He provides guidance in developing, managing, and evaluating national education initiatives to improve teaching and learning in high-need schools and communities, and is a nationally recognized expert in designing, implementing, and evaluating afterschool and expanded learning enrichment programs. 
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Project Highlight

Student Learning Objectives for Texas’ Teacher Evaluation System

As part of its new teacher evaluation and support system that includes measures of student growth as part of the evaluation process, Texas teachers in non-tested grades and subjects may develop student learning objective (SLOs) to be used as alternate measures of student growth.

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